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Julie Pacino is a nice girl and a good director. I’ve known her a long time. So she’s made an eleven minute film that’s more uncomfortable than pornographic, but she’s partnered with PornHub to show it.

Yes, Julie is Al Pacino’s daughter, and no, she’s not trying to embarrass anyone. Her film, called “Hard Work,” can be found on the PornHub site, which I can’t link to, and no, I cannot embed the film here. You can find it on your own.

It’s sort of a comedy about a porn actor who needs an injection from a production assistant so they can, ahem, get things going. Her collaborator is Max Meisel. Party promoter Noel Ashman is a producer on the film. Julie Pacino’s made a bunch of interesting short films. I’m looking forward to seeing a feature from her.

“Hard Work” is being released on Pornhub as part of the platform’s effort to expand and diversify into mainstream content.
According to a press release, Pornhub has huge numbers – 42 billion visitors last year, about a third of them women.  Given the challenges, especially now, of releasing  an indie or a short, Pornhub could be a viable option for struggling filmmakers.  Pornhub started last March with a documentary, “Shakedown,” about lesbian nightclubs in LA.  Although that doc had some graphic content,  it wasn’t a porn film.  In fact it was screened at MoMA.
PS Cindy Adams talked to Julie yesterday.Cindy: How’s Daddy feel about daughter making a film about the porn industry?

Julie: “He thinks it offers comic relief during this pandemic.”

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