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Ouch! Taylor Swift and her fans are getting older.

Last night, ABC offered a special Swift show at 10pm, designed to cash in on the preceding two hour “American Idol” finale. You could say the results were mixed to not so good.

“Taylor Swift: City of Lover” was shot in Paris, and promoted that it had some kind of new material in it. But only 3.6 million viewers stuck around after “American Idol” to see what was going on.

“Idol” had 7.2 million people for two hours. The winner was this great young woman named Samantha Diaz who goes by the name “Just Sam.” It was very exciting because she really deserved it.

“Idol” really skews old, scoring a 10 in the 50 plus demo. Swift dropped to a 6 in that demo, but couldn’t crack even a 1 among young men. Not good.

What’s going on? Taylor Swift used to be the youngest kid in the room. But now she’s what? 30! She’s considered to be a mature adult. The teen crowd has moved on. Also, Taylor didn’t get to tour behind her “Lover” album, even though the planned tour was just four stadium dates.

It will be interesting to see how the shifting demo affects Taylor’s record sales in the future. And it should be of some interest to Adele, who lets a lot of time lapse between releases. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga seem to have the right formula of staying relevant and putting out new product.



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