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The great singer-songwriter-producer Betty Wright died last week from cancer at age 66. Her death was a blow to many but especially to Joss Stone. The British born 33 year old has written a lovely poetic tribute to Betty, who co-produced and co-wrote her 2003 breakthrough album, “The Soul Session,” and the follow up in 2004, “Mind, Body, and Soul.” What a career Betty had– from her own hit singles in the 70s to three decades later with Joss. Her loss is immense, no less than Little Richard.

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How can she be gone when her spirit was so strong How can she not speak When her voice was never weak. How can she not dance When she always took the chance To be free How can this be true That I’ll never speak to you How can life be done Just like that, your over come How can you just leave When you taught me how to breathe And be free What will now become Of the world you doted on Who will take your throne If they have to do it alone So many lost with out your look There’s no song there’s no hook But your free How can you be kept Even though you left How can we make time when its no longer yours or mine How can we go back And fix all of those cracks to feel free How can I forget The moments I regret How can I not drink When my hearts about to sink How can I not weep When I am falling into sleep How can I not wonder If your the light and the thunder Now Your free ‘If I never see you again stone , know that I love you like one of my own’ Those words mean so much to me. Now your free …. Rest in peace Ms B , I hope you know how much you are loved xxx

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