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The Michael Jackson Broadway musical, “MJ,” was supposed to open this summer. But those plans have gone awry, and now “MJ” will start previews in March 2021, and open on April 15th.

The show is produced by the Jackson estate with Lia Vollack Productions. Lia was a very popular and successful record executive and sound expert who was once a roadie for groups like the Ramones and Johnny Thunders. She worked her way up to a top spot at Sony Music. Now she’s producing this show, and her husband, Tony winner Derek McLane, has designed the sets. Lynn Nottage wrote the book for the musical, which presumably stops at the end of the 1980s before Jackson’s scandals began.

I was tracking sales for “MJ” for this summer and they weren’t that great. But maybe with time delay and pent up interest in all returning Broadway shows, “MJ” will make people got to be there.

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