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Well, that’s it. Tara Reade, who has accused presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexual impropriety, won’t give an interview to any established journalists, not even Fox News. She canceled an interview this past Sunday with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, citing “security concerns.”

But according to former Fox News/NBC person Megyn Kelly, Reade is “sitting down” with her. So, party over. If this is how Reade is going to proceed, she’s lost all credibility. Kelly left NBC in shame for advocating blackface. When she was at NBC, she was loathed and had no ratings. She was sort of drummed out of Fox News not because she turned against Roger Ailes, but because no one liked her and she wasn’t good at her job. Now she has a YouTube channel or something. Kelly might as well interview Duane Reade. No one cares.

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