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There’s no Met Gala tonight, aka the Met Ball. We won’t be treated to Kardashians in Halloween costumes, sweeping trains and headdresses on models, walkers for the female celebrities whose husbands are otherwise engaged.

The party is over for Anna Wintour’s annual ego fest.

No one should be happier than the folks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met Ball costs a lot to put on, like over $4 million every year. Yes, it brings attention to the museum. But if corporations just sent in checks for the amount spent on the tables, the Museum would be better off.

I’ve been writing about this for a long time. Here’s my most recent piece, from February.

Will this kind of thing really come back next year? Maybe Anna will have everyone dress up as health care workers. The Costume Institute theme will be “Florence Nightingale: The History of Nurses’s Outfits.”

PS Can’t wait for more from Andre Leon Talley’s memoir of the Wintour of his discontent. It’s already pretty juicy. Talley writes: “After decades of loyalty and friendship. Anna should have had the decency and kindness to call me or send me an e-mail saying: ‘André, I think we have had a wonderful run with your interviews, but we are going to try something new.’ I would have accepted that … I understand; nothing lasts forever. Simple human kindness. No, she is not capable.” He adds, “I wonder, when she goes home alone at night, is she miserable? Does she feel alone?”

Stay tuned…


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