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Scooter Braun’s clients, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, are delivering a new single to this Friday. It’s called “Stuck With U,” and we are stuck with them. The two singers have released a little instrumental clip on Twitter of the new song. It sounds a little like they might have “Love on the Brain,” at least a similar vibe to Rihanna’s recent hit. Who knows? Maybe it’s a cover, or an “interpolation.” We’ll see how it pans out later this week. Anyway, I like any excuse to feature Rihanna’s voice. See below.

UPDATE: The song credits four writers– Gian Stone Whitney Phillips Skyler Stonestreet Freddy Wexler. Plus the obligatory publishers’ nod for Bieber and Grande. That’s SIX people. SIX. A half dozen human beings are credited for “Stuck with U,” a song that doesn’t even spell out the third word in its title.

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