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Nick Cordero’s wife, Amanda, has been updating his situation on Instagram stories. This young woman is just amazing. I don’t know how she’s doing it. She’s the mother of a toddler, and her whole life has been turned upside down.

To wit: Amanda Kloots reported on Thursday that Nick– who is in a coma, still on a ventilator, and has an amputated leg– has holes in his lungs. They are bad. Kloots says in her video that their doctor said if Nick were a man of 70 and not 41 “we’d be having an entirely different conversation.” But the doctor told her if it was his brother, he’d say keep fighting.

Kloots says that she’s struggled with crying and breaking down but she “will not give up hope.” Remember, she has never been in the hospital room with him because Cedar Sinai won’t allow it. She can’t take the chance of getting sick an infecting their little boy, Elvis. So she goes every day at 3pm to the outside of the hospital and blasts Nick’s song, a recording called “Live Your Life.”

Today the plan was to do a scan of Nick’s lung with ink to see what’s going on. He’s been septic and he’s had internal bleeding. His oxygen level has been low. This poor guy. This is torture and it’s cruel, but he’s fighting. And wouldn’t it be great to see him at the 2021 Tony Awards? Everyone is praying for him and that family.

See here, the Broadway cast of “Waitress” — his most recent show– singing for him.

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