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Mariah Carey released “E=MC2” in April 2008. It was a hit, but not a big one. It was the follow up to “The Emancipation of Mimi.” her big comeback album.

This morning, “E=MC2” shows that mathematical formulas do not always resolve. The album has somehow shot to number 1 on iTunes, out of nowhere. This isn’t the first time this has happened. A couple of years ago, another Carey album, the soundtrack to her dreadful movie, “Glitter,” also soared to number 1 after more than a decade in oblivion.

Is it a coincidence? Probably not. Someone is gaming the system. It should be noted that this doesn’t happen to any other artist. It’s just Mariah. Her fans will swear it’s because she’s the grooviest singer in the world. But the numbers don’t bear it out.

According to Buzz Angle Music, now called Alpha Data, “E=MC2” sold a total of 229 copies on Friday and Saturday, and that mostly from streaming. Total hard sales– CDs and paid downloads– for Friday and Saturday came to 12. As in, Twelve. Last week, the total for 7 days was 88. With streaming, 408.

Just to compare: on Friday and Saturday the number 1 album including streaming, mostly streaming, was from a rap group called 38 Baby 2. The total was 21,600. The Weeknd was at number 3, with 13,400 including streaming and 681 in hard sales.

So what’s going on with Mariah? It’s up to iTunes to figure out how their system is manipulated. They’ve allowed this with Korean boy band BTS, too. Mysteriously albums and singles fly up the charts, take hold for a short time, then disappear.

So…hate to be a buzzkill. But whoever’s doing this isn’t doing Mariah any favors either. She has enough real success. She doesn’t need a scam.

UPDATE: Amazon lists “E=MC2” at number 15,611.


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