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It may be time to kill off one of the characters on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Or maybe have a season ender where they all go to a foreign country for a wedding and a gigantic explosion fells everyone until next season.

The reason I say this is because their ratings fell this past Thursday below 800,000. They lost at least 90,000 viewers from the week before to end up with 796,000 according to Mitch Metcalf’s Showbuzz Daily.

Even better: they lied about their ratings on their Wikipedia page. They actually linked to Metcalf, and changed their number on Wiki to 800,000. This now calls into question all the numbers on their Wiki page. Someone is rounding it up and it’s wrong.

The kooky K’s have done everything to spice up the ratings including sex change, comas, accidents, fist fights, Kanye West mental breakdowns, and OJ Simpson. But the numbers keep spiraling down. What’s left really?

This Thursday is the 260th episode of this flotsam and jetsam. It’s called “Family Matters.” They’re finally going to reveal the origins of Scott, their lowest intelligence member. He might be the subject of a good mystery, come to think of it, but no one really knows who he is.

And then? This season may end there since the virus interrupted production. I suppose there could be Zoom episodes. But it’s also possible this is the end for the K’s. That would be one COVID victim we could celebrate.

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