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“Will & Grace” is gone again.

Last night’s series finale scored 3.1 million viewers, their highest of this season. That’s about the same audience as a daily episode of “General Hospital.”

When the rebooted show debuted in the fall of 2017, they had just over 10 million viewers. After around 8 episodes they drifted down to around 4 million per episode, then a little less. But the demos were always good, and so was the publicity.Most of this season averaged 2 million or less, which is less than even “Days of our Lives.”

So they managed to squeeze out 52 more episodes to market with the old series. Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen will live on in syndication forever. In the final episode, Grace gave birth even though she’s about 75 years old by now. (Seriously, Debra Messing is 51.)  Everyone moved somewhere. Maybe they met up with the “Modern Family” cast on an island with a smoke monster.

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