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The live album Taylor Swift was carping about yesterday it out and available at least on Spotify.

“Live from Clear Channel Stripped 2008” is streaming but it’s only on some platforms. It has a copyright 2020 Big Machine Records.

Swift is furious that Big Machine would issue such a record without her permission. But Big Machine owns her masters and catalog, so they can do whatever they want.

This sort of thing is part of the record industry tradition, it’s been going on for decades. That’s how we got Elton John’s “Here and There” live album in the mid 70s. Elton said in his book recently that he hated it, but I always liked. Best version of “Crocodile Rock.”

Anyway, Taylor will just have to Shake it Off and move on. Big Machine seems like they’re going to do more of these, so let’s get used to it.

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