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The Rolling Stones haven’t had a number 1 hit probably since 1981’s “Start Me Up.” They’ve had scattershot singles since then– they were never a great singles chart band. They certainly have never had a number 1 hit on iTunes, a relatively new service.

But this morning the nearly 60 year old Best Rock and Roll Band in the world is number with “Living in a Ghost Town.” The single was dropped yesterday to great acclaim. With a nod to the Specials’ “Ghost Town,” the song by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards couldn’t be more timely.

Ironically. the group recorded the song last year. But recently, Mick says in his video, they realized it might have some impact now, The accompanying video is excellent, also. So interesting that our anthems for this moment are coming from the Stones and Jon Bon Jovi, older acts that have stood the test of time.



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