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New York Magazine joins the media meltdown this week. Their parent company, Vox Media, “furloughed” a chunk of the stuff including their respected long time film critic David Edelstein. Edelstein joins Todd McCarthy, dean of film critics, who was laid off last week by the Hollywood Reporter. I don’t get it. Edelstein could be writing pieces about film for New York Magazine. Ridiculous.

Edelstein writes on Facebook:

“Most of you have heard that because of the, you know, thing, Vox Media (which has owned New York Media since the beginning of the year) has cut or “furloughed” nine percent of its workforce for a minimum of three months and a maximum of forever, and I am in that group. Privately, I’ve been assured that they chose to furlough the most dazzling, beloved, and essential writers in order to highlight the sacrifices that we all—as citizens of the world—must make, and that someone of my stature will of course be coming back because the economic future of journalism is so bright we gotta wear shades. [Insert emoticon of choice]

“…Since January 2006, New York Magazine/Vulture has been a wonderful home, my colleagues as convivial as they are driven. They’ve supported me at times when it wasn’t so easy. They rock. Given the brilliance of New York/Vulture critics Alison Wilmore, Bilge Ebiri, and Anjelica Jade Bastien (as well as editor Katherine Brooks), the section will be dandy even sans my eloquent self.

“As all of my FB friends know, I was feeling a bit worn out earlier in the year, and I don’t mind sitting back for a while—as long as I can afford to, anyway—watching the passing parade. Unfortunately, that parade is now of ambulances. I am so thankful that my family and friends are well and have not lost hope. We’ll come out this wiser and—eventually—stronger. So… as that Scottish guy said on Lost, “See you in another life, brother.”


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