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This new Rolling Stones song is GREAT. “Living in a Ghost Town” sounds new but old at the same time. I’ll take it. Great job! Just what we needed.

The song was recorded “isolation”– meaning created & recorded in Los Angeles, London and maybe in Mustique, where Mick is rumored to be. Keith is in Connecticut, Charlie’s in London, Ronnie might be in LA. Credits are:
Mick Jagger (vocals/harmonica/guitar/backing vocals), Keith Richards (guitar/backing vocals) Charlie Watts (drums), Ronnie Wood (guitar/backing vocals), Darryl Jones (bass) Matt Clifford (keyboards, french horn, sax, flugelhorn). Matt Clifford shines on this recording, by the way.

The Stones are relentless. Just a few days ago they were the stars of that crazy special “Together at Home,” performing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” as if they were a new band in their 20s. They are all combined 4000 years old!

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