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Lady Gaga’s new album, “Chromatica,” looks very promising. The tracklist, revealed today by accident– or are there any accidents?–shows duets with Elton John, Ariana Grande, and BLACKPINK.

The Ariana Grande part answers the question that was looming about which major female singer was on the record. I thought it was Adele. But this is very good news. Ariana has a beautiful voice. She just needs better songs.

“Chromatica” was supposed to be released on April 10th. But Gaga postponed it because of the virus. She also cancelled her tour. Many recording artists have joined her in putting off new releases. Dixie Chicks just did that the other day with their “Gaslighter” album.

It does seem like from the list below, the song “Chromatica” might be instrumental, and used as as theme throughout the record. The Elton John song has a witty title, “Sine from Above,” spelled sine instead of sign. Sine, as we remember from school, is a math term from trigonometry.

So far Gaga has released one single, “Stupid Love.” Wouldn’t we all like another one now?


1. “Chromatica I”
2. “Alice”
3. “Stupid Love”
4. “Rain On Me” (ft. Ariana Grande)
“5. Free Woman”
6. “Fun Tonight”.
7. “Chromatica II”
8. “911”
9. “Plastic Doll”
10. “Sour Candy” (ft. BLACKPINK)
11. “Enigma”
12. “Replay”
13. “Chromatica III”
14. “Sine From Above” (ft. Elton John)
15. “1,000 Doves”
16. “Babylon”
17. “Love Me Right” (Bonus)
18. “1,000 Doves” (Piano Version) (Bonus)
19. “Stupid Love” (Vitaclub Warehouse Mix) (Bonus)

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