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The Kardashians can no longer keep up with themselves.

Now in its 18th “season,” and 13th year, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” sinking in the ratings on the E! channel.

This season E! moved the avaricious family of shoppers and complainers from Sunday nights to Thursdays. The ratings have been in decline for some time, so a change was probably deemed necessary.

The first couple of episodes scored just about 1 million viewers, down from the 1.4 million “KUWTK” had fallen to in recent seasons. But then things went sour. Last Thursday, the show was down to 871,000 viewers. (That’s the 4th lowest rated episode ever.) The prior two weeks had been around 910,000. About 130,000 viewers have tuned out since the 1st episode on March 26th. Even in quarantine, people are leaving.

To gin up interest, a couple of weeks ago two of the sisters (not sure which ones) had a an actual physical fight. Or seemed to. Nothing is not scripted in this family’s life. They tried to generate some publicity, but most everyone yawned.

And it’s all gone downhill from there.

It’s really time to stage a kidnapping. Or a death. Or maybe Kanye will disappear. Maybe they’ll be exposed to COVID-19!

This Thursday’s episode may be the last for some time. There’s word that it will be filmed on iPhones since all the players must remain in their respective tacky suburban McMansions because of the virus. Could this be the end? Or will the family, the E! channel, and producer Ryan Seacrest keep wringing what they can out of it?

And will they ever tell us how OJ killed Nicole and Ron? That’s the only episode I want to see.


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