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Everyone is holding onto shreds of hope that a film festival will happen this year. Listen, no, I’m sorry to be a buzz kill but let’s accept it.

The Cannes Film Festival thought it would go in June after postponing from May. But that’s not happening now. Last week the French government sent a private plane back to London after a bunch of nudnik rich people were trying to get to a villa in Cannes. You think Macron is going to have thousands of people in movie theaters soon? Uh, no.

“Following the French President’s statement, on Monday, April 13th, we acknowledged that the postponement of the 73rd International Cannes Film Festival, initially considered for the end of June to the beginning of July, is no longer an option,” said the festival. “It is clearly difficult to assume that the Festival de Cannes could be held this year in its original form.”

“Nevertheless, since yesterday evening we have started many discussions with professionals, in France and abroad. They agree that the Festival de Cannes, an essential pillar for the film industry, must explore all contingencies allowing to support the year of Cinema by making Cannes 2020 real, in a way or another.”

Cannes could try for October, I suppose, but it will be cold by then and not very welcoming. Better to wait til next year and come back big.

Ditto for the Venice Film Festival. Italy is the hardest hit country other than the US. The government is not putting out a welcome mat for movie stars. They’ll be lucky to have any tourists by the end of the summer. And those travelers will be keeping six feet away from each other if at all.

Again, next year for film festivals.


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