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Joy Behar is not leaving “The View” in 2022. Live, on the show in the last half hour, Joy said, “Reports of my retirement are greatly exaggerated.”

Whoopi Goldberg told Joy live on the show– on which the four hosts are being broadcast from home — that she wouldn’t allow it, and the others agreed.

Behar said, “I told the reporter who asked me that if I’m feeling [this well] in 2022, I won’t be going anywhere.” I’m paraphrasing here but Joy said something like, “I won’t even watch reruns of Love Boat at this point!”

The retirement headline came from an interview Variety editor Ramin Setoodeh– who’s very good at what he does– conducted for the paperback version of his book called “Ladies Who Punch.” But there was some miscommunication there, or Behar may have over spoken in the interview.

Well, Joy will only be 80 in 2022, and I hope she never stops being a tremendous voice for all of us on “The View” every day!


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