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I’m happy to chime in on this: SiriusXM, which I can’t live without, is now free to everyone through May 15th. Many dedicated channels are returning, too, including Billy Joel and Dave Matthews.

Of course, I just took the offer for $5 a month for a vehicle I am currently driving, but that’s ok.

Just download the Sirius app on your phone, or go to siriusxm.com. And by the way Sirius works everywhere– on phones, computers, tablets, laptops, as well as in the car.

My favorite channels are Soul Town (49), Beatles (18), Seventies on 7 (7), Little Steven’s Underground Garage (21), the E Street Channel (20), and 1st Wave (33). That’s just for starters. I listen to Tom Petty’s old shows a lot on his channel (31) and top 40 from Z100 on 12.

There’s also great talk show programming up around 105 produced by Roger Coletti.

I can’t tell you often I’m in the car and there’s a run of songs on Soul Town that just blows me away. Sometimes I tweet them a thank you note!

Steve Leeds runs the show over there, and my old pal Tracey Jordan handles all urban booking. Scott Greenstein, inveterate surfer, has been in charge of the whole shebang for years and has done a great job. And, of course, there’s always Howard Stern.

This is a smart thing they’re doing, because once you have Sirius, you can’t live without it!

PS The Billy Joel channel will be 30. (I wish they’d do Sting/Police channel.)


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