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Christopher Meloni is back with his own “Law & Order” series on NBC as Elliot Stabler.

This is major news. Meloni left “SVU” several years ago with a lot of acrimony over pay and contract renewals. Now, with Dick Wolf’s new massive deal at NBC Universal, this was the right way to go.

Also, this means that a Stabler- Benson reunion for SVU’s 24th and 25th seasons is very likely. This will drive fans into a frenzy. Crossovers galore during sweeps! Meloni left after Season 12, which means there have been 12 seasons without him.

It’s an interesting coincidence– as there are no coincidences– that Meloni appeared on social media this last week showing off his abs. It was weird since Chris has a low profile on the internet. But suddenly he was everywhere. Now we know why.

Wolf will exec produce alongside Arthur W. Forney and Peter Jankowski. Former “Chicago PD showrunner” Matt Olmstead is the likely head writer and showrunner.

Maybe we’ll see some of the beloved actors from the “Law & Order” universe return, too, like Tamara Tunie and BD Wong.

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