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Let’s just ask the question everyone else has on social media since last night: Was Jeanine Pirro bombed on last night’s live show?

The Fox News show host missed the first segment of her live show last night on Fox News. The reason given was “technical difficulties.” When she did appear on air, Pirro seemed more subdued than usual, a little glassy eyed. But she persevered.

It wasn’t until her third segment that Pirro really seemed “wasted,” like maybe she’d had a cocktail or two in between segments. Her hair was askew and she started to bob around. Her guest, Lisa Booth, in that segment seemed to know what was going on, and kind of yelled at the judge to get her attention. Look below when Booth greets her with “Hey Judge!”

In the fourth segment, Pirro really unwound. She seemed to be doing a parody of Cecily Strong’s “Saturday Night Live” parody of her.

Well, it was Saturday night, and we are in a crisis, and in the end Pirro didn’t say anything more outrageous than usual. Most of her small viewing audience is already in bed, dozing off, or drunk themselves.

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