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Doctor, my eyes! Rock star Jackson Browne says he’s tested positive for Corona Virus. He tells Rolling Stone that many of the performers he played with two weeks ago at the Love Rocks show at New York’s Beacon Theater have, too.

Browne played the charity show for Gods Love We Deliver included Bonnie Raitt. Dave Matthews, Cyndi Lauper, Chris and Rich Robinson, Leon Bridges, Warren Haynes, Macy Gray and many others. The show was sponsored by fashion mogul John Varvatos.

Browne says: “Now I wish I hadn’t gone to New York and done this benefit. I think to myself, “How much simpler would it have been had I just called in and said, ‘No, I’m not going to travel on a cross-country flight and spend two days in New York with all these people that are singing all over the country.’

But you know, in the end, Jackson helps so many charities and stands up for so many causes, it’s not likely he would have stepped back.

How’s he occupying himself? “I’m listening to music. I’m watching some shows. I’m spending a lot of time reading all these op-eds. There’s a bunch of medical bulletins and stories in the New York Times. When you called earlier, I was listening to the press conference with Governor Cuomo. It’s all really good, important information.”

Speedy recovery, Jackson!

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