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Is it possible Bruce Willis actually needs money? (No.) Or is it just that he wants to work, even if the work is ridiculous? (Yes.)

Willis has yet another B movie coming, straight to video on May 22nd. This one’s called “Survive the Night,” and if we can survive watching it, that’s the question. Bruce is second billed to Chad Michael Murray, former star of not “Dawson’s Creek,” but the other one, “One Tree Hill.” Murray is the Steve McQueen of ’00s television.

For Willis, this is now the latest in a long line of these crappy productions. He shoots for one or two days, appears in a couple of scenes, and is used in the trailer as a lure to whatever audience is left. In Edward Norton’s recent “Motherless Brooklyn,” which was a box office dud but certainly not a B movie, Willis appeared for less than 15 minutes.

Whatever is going with Willis that is forcing him to make these movies, maybe it’s time to fess up. He is beloved by fans. But these movies aren’t doing much to help his legacy.

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