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UPDATE: Woody Allen dedicates his memoir to his wife and partner of 28 years. He writes: “For Soon-Yi, the best.
I had her eating out of my hand and then I noticed my arm was missing.” That is funny.

More to come shortly…

Apropos of Nothing, Woody Allen has released his memoir as a surprise.

After Hachette Publishing cancelled the book, called Apropos of Nothing, Woody found a new publisher, Arcade, which is part of Skyhorse, which is part of something else. It’s not Knopf, let me put it that way.

Bits and pieces of the book have come out in the last couple of hours. Page Six, his dreaded enemy, seems to have some of it. Other chunks are on the Associated Press.

I’m told that the surprise factor was created so that no one– meaning Woody’s very estranged son, Ronan Farrow, or his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, could impede publication again.

It’s unclear if Woody got to keep his advance from Hachette, which is a big outfit and has insurance if something like this backfires. Skyhorse/Arcade doesn’t pay a lot for books by anyone. But the idea, says a source “was just to get the book out there so people can read Woody’s side of the story.”

So far, the book has not appeared on Amazon or anywhere else. And this may be because Amazon says it’s not accepting deliveries from vendors. So physical books may be an issue. The only way to read this thing may be as an ebook.

All publicists are hiding, no one’s at work, and it’s snowing like a bastard as they say in Boston. Stay tuned.

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