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Back on the 15th of this month, Donald Glover released his newest Childish Gambino album on his own website. There were no breaks between the tracks, and no titles. And no information. Then he removed it.

Now, the album is back, on Spotify and presumably other streaming services. It’s called “3.15.20.” The tracks are not titled. They’re called by the length of time they take up. Or something.

The album is very Sly Stone-Prince-Marvin Gaye, and I’d say, it sounds great, like something that might be very enjoyable. But a little more information from his record label– called (this is hysterical)– Wolf & Rothstein/RCA Records. (Wolf and Rothstein are his managers. They couldn’t think of a name for the label that doesn’t sound like a law firm?)

Anyway here’s the album. I guess we have a lot of time to figure out what’s going on here.


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