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Donald Trump really became unhinged today at his presser. His tried to insult NBC’s terrific reporter, Peter Alexander, calling him a “terrible reporter” and criticized him for asking “a nasty question.” He called Alexander’s employer, Comcast, “con-cast.”

Alexander’s question: what do you say to people who are scared? You can watch below to see Trump lose it. Later, when someone else asked Mike Pence, Trump’s lapdog, the same thing, Pence replied: “Don’t be afraid. Be vigilant.”

The rest of the press conference was the usual muddle of Trump making stuff up and being contradicted by health officials. He persisted in calling COVID-19 “the Chinese virus” and blaming Barack Obama for the whole thing. How he hasn’t been locked up in a mental hospital is beyond me.

For the record, Alexander’s question was totally appropriate. Trump’s response was not. Peter Alexander is one of the best reporters in the world, and has worked his way up through the ranks to deserve to be in that briefing room. Trump has not.

you can ffwd to 1:45:

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