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Sting’s hit musical, “The Last Ship,” is going into dry dock for a bit.

Washington DC’s National Theater just announced the run from March 27th- April 5th will be postponed until later this year.

Other cities, like Detroit and Minneapolis, may do the same. Check local listings.

“The Last Ship” was a huge hit in Los Angeles this winter. It was equally sold out in San Francisco, but stopped early because of the virus panic.

In Washington, it was pretty much sold out for its run. The theater says hold on to your tickets, the ship will sail again!

Unknown still: if Sting’s residency in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace will take off on May 22nd. Caesar’s is so far the only venue still open in Sin City, but that could change. Meantime, we can listen to “My Songs” on CD and streaming, and “The Last Ship,” as well. A lot of those songs are stuck in my head anyway!


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