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Well, that’s it. The party’s over.

New York is shutting down all restaurants (except for take out and delivery) and all movie theaters. This, though they’re keeping the bike lanes open. Good grief.

The movie theater shut down was inevitable given the situation. But it also means that all of entertainment is closed for at least two weeks. This is unprecedented.

Broadway was already on track to lose $100 million after closing all its theaters. The movie business? Well, this isn’t high season, thank goodness. And there are no big releases left for March or early April. Everything’s been moved out already.

The big winners are the streaming services. DisneyPlus has already scored by putting “Frozen 2” on their platform. “Star Wars:” The Rise of Skywalker” just went digital early. I’ll bet there will be some surprise announcements shortly. This would be a big moment for HBO or Netflix to stage some live showings in any genre.

The Cannes Film Festival? Seems like it’s not going to happen. It would be very hard to pull together at this point.

But restaurants? I know it has to be, for our own safety. But something tells me it’s DeBlasio getting back at hot spots that wouldn’t seat him.

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