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The Trump White House has cancelled the secret National Medal of Arts ceremony they’d been planning for March 20th.

I told you earlier this week that invitations had gone out for a Medal of Arts/Medal of Humanities ceremony at the White House planned for 2pm on that day.

But now it’s cancelled, presumably because of the virus panic. But it’s also possible that they simply couldn’t get anyone to agree to accept the medals. Trump has few supporters in the arts since he doesn’t support anything in the culture.

Some possibilities, ridiculous though they are, include Tom Selleck, Ted Nugent, Scott Baio, and that woman from the soap opera who ran for Congress and lost. I thought maybe Gary Sinise, a former Oscar nominee, and right wing activist, might be a good choice for him.

All awards from Trump are tainted. He’s given a few to financial backers. And of course Rush Limbaugh who, even as we speak, is on the radio blaming Barack Obama for the virus.

So, no awards next Friday. But here’s the invite just in case you missed it. And I used a photo of Trump with Omarosa because she’d be a great choice!


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