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Disney is getting with the program.

They’re bringing “Frozen II,” a smash hit, to Disney Plus streaming this Sunday, three months early/ Smart move! They realize everyone’s home, no one’s going out, and why wait?

“Frozen II” has made $477 million in the US and $1.5 billion worldwide. Its theatrical run, which began in November, is done. This plan will draw customers to Disney Plus in droves.

What Disney should do next is put the three movies they just pulled from release on Disney Plus as well. “Mulan,” especially, makes sense there. So does “The New Mutants.”

Of course, this will anger theater companies, which are already suffering from Virus Panic. But they’ll get “Black Widow” from Disney, and those three — including “Antlers”– are probably best suited to streaming.

Will other studios follow suit now and quick-release some big hits for streaming, You bet. The corona virus may claim theaters as its real victim, in the long run.

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