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update 12:33pm Paramount has also postponed indefinitely “Lovebirds,” with Tiffany Haddish and Kumail Nanjiani. Their press junket was going to be this weekend for a March 27th opening.

THIS is trouble.

Paramount has postponed “A Quiet Place, Part 2” indefinitely because of the virus panic. The sequel to the hit horror film was supposed to open on March 20th. I’ve seen it, it’s terrific, at least as good as the first one. The premiere audience this past Sunday went crazy for it.

But fear — which is the subject of the movie — has sent people running out of movie theaters. With this one gone, and the James Bond movie — there is no spring box office. Unlike James Bond, which was rescheduled for the fall, “A Quiet Place, Part 2” has not been rescheduled. Paramount has been waiting for this film, they’ve had no hits and really need it. And all the money has been spent on promotion.

A bigger problem for Paramount is that their parent company, ViacomCBS, is in trouble. Viacom is fueled by Sumner Redstone’s National Amusements. (Yes, he’s still alive, will turn 97 in May.) Their stock price has crashed in the last month. They recently announced they were going to stupidly sell publisher Simon & Schuster after decades. This news won’t help.

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