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Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? We all should be, as it turns out.

An usher who worked at that Broadway show from March 3rd to the 7th has tested positive for the virus, according to the New York Times. The Booth Theater has been deep cleaned subsequently.

But overnight tonight, the Brooks Atkinson Theater is also getting emergency treatment. That’s because the same usher also worked there, and tomorrow night is the opening of the British hit, “Six.” I’m going, even if I have to wear bubble wrap.

The Broadway motto is “The show must go on!” Broadway producers have been determined to keep going despite the virus and panic spreading, Shutting down would cost millions upon millions, and deeply affect New York’s economy. Some shows might close and not re-open. That would be a disaster.

The answers are not simple. Spring, leading into Tony season, is Broadway’s bread and butter. After a bleak winter, this business is counted on. But it seems like some changes will be coming soon.


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