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EXCLUSIVE It was only last November that Donald Trump handed out Medals of Arts and Humanities to an eclectic crowd that included his movie star pal Jon Voight, musician Allison Krauss, and ad man turned thriller writer James Patterson.

Now, less than six months later, Trump is going to hand out more awards on March 20th. Invitations have gone out for a 2pm ceremony at the White House on March 20th. It’s unclear who the recipients will be this time.

All I know is that everyone has been sworn to secrecy.

Just recently, Trump plopped an award on radio host Rush Limbaugh, purveyor of hate, because he announced he had Stage 4 lung cancer.

Trump has already given awards to many of his financial backers including the wife of Republican fundraiser Sheldon Adelson.

There aren’t many people in the arts who will accept an award from Trump, who doesn’t come to the Kennedy Center Honors because he’s boycotted by most of the recipients. There are joke candidates like Ted Nugent and Scott Baio. D List actor Antonio Sabato Jr. just announced he can’t get work because he’s a Trump supporter. But I’m told we’ll see actor Gary Sinise, an arch conservative and an Oscar nominee from “Forest Gump.” Whoever gets it, they will be unqualified, that’s for sure. Should be interesting!

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