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SUNDAY AM UPDATE: Disney says “Onward” made exactly $40 million. At least that’s the number for now. They had to avoid that $39 million! 

SATURDAY AM: It’s Onward and downward for Disney and Pixar this weekend.

“Onward,” which has great reviews, is heading to a Pixar low number thanks to the Virus Panic.

“Onward” made just $12 million yesterday. If it can’t break $39 million, “Onward” will be the lowest Pixar opening weekend since “The Good Dinosaur” in 2015. If it does even less than $45 million, we’ll go all the way back to 1998 and “A Bug’s Life.”

It’s not the movie, of course. Ordinarily, theaters would be full this afternoon and tomorrow with grade school kids and crying babies. Disney would be raking it in. But panic about the virus may be keeping audiences out of theaters — in a big way.

If that’s the case, Disney may have to re-think launching their live action “Mulan,” coming on March 27th. They’ve already postponed its release in China.

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