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The Dixie Chicks are back with their first single in 14 years. “Gaslighter” is not political, but personal. Natalie Maines’ ex husband, Adrian Pasdar, tried to get a big piece of her wealth in their nasty divorce. Now Natalie is retaliating, and it’s a catchy song. “Gaslighter” is also the title of the Chicks’ new album, coming May 1st. It’s produced by Jack Antonoff, and on amazon there’s an “Explicit” version. These Chicks are not fooling around!

The Chicks ended their hit run of music back in 2006 after getting very political against George W. Bush. They skipped the Obama administration completely. Will “Gaslighter” have songs reflecting the current political era? I should think so. But country fans weren’t happy with the anti-Bush material, so this will be interesting. I really missed them, as it turns out.

By the way, whatever happened to Adrian Pasdar? Turns out, he’s been working right along, making presumably good money as the voice of Tony Stark/Iron Man in animated series. He was also on “Agents of SHIELD.”

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