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Like it or not, a Britney Spears jukebox musical is coming toward us like a meteorite set to destroy the world.

“Once Upon a Time One More Time” is the threat, and the title. The show will debut in Chicago from April 14 to May 17th. Then it could come to New York for the summer, or the fall.

It’s got a book kind of based on Cinderella. She will be played by Briga Heelan. “American Idol” star Justin Guarini, who’s been on Broadway a lot, will play Prince Charming. Simon Callow and Emily Skinner are also featured.

The show is by “internationally-acclaimed artists” Keone & Mari Madrid, whoever they are. David Leveaux, who is actually acclaimed, is on the creative team.

The entire show is based around the cliff hanger of Britney coming to the opening nights. There’s more drama in that part of it than in the rest of this. The music, well, the music will comprise Britney’s hits, a special torture to be sure.

Stay tuned, because you know that none of this will go as planned. This, friends, is real theater!

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