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No one liked Negan having sex with a zombie-masked Alpha last week on “The Walking Dead.”

The ratings for this past Sunday really dropped. Gone were over 350,000 fans. They just didn’t want to watch Negan and Alpha sharing a post-coital cigarette.

Week before total viewers were 3,518,000. This week, it was down 3,159,000.

In the key demo, things look bad, too. It was 1.2 million week before. Just 1 mil this week.

So no chance of those crazy kids becoming a super couple and raising the ratings for the poor “Walking Dead.” This show used to have 17 million fans. I don’t know where they’ve gone, but they’re outta here.

“Walking Dead” still rules cable on Sunday night, but does it matter? Not really. Counting in broadcast TV, they were the 12th highest rated show of the night.


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