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Well, Dick Wolf is the King of TV, there’s no disputing it.

Yesterday, NBC renewed all his shows, starting with “Law & Order: SVU,” which will now soldier on for three more years, through Season 24. Undoubtedly, they will go to the 25th season, setting all kinds of records. My old friend Warren Leight breathed new life into the show this year, and Mariska Hargitay et al have really cemented themselves into the culture. They are superstars.

NBC also renewed for three years “Chicago PD,” “Chicago Fire,” and “Chicago Med.” “Chicago PD” has already been on for 7 seasons. Jason Beghe‘s career was completely resuscitated by that show, and now look at him. It’s great news.

At CBS, Wolf has two “FBI” shows. Exclusively, sources tell me there’s a third one cooking on the back burner, and it may be announced for the fall. Wolf is going to spin out “FBI” shows like “NCIS” or “CSI,” for every city.

All of this comes after the great success of the original “Law & Order” (20 seasons), plus “Criminal Intent,” both of which can be seen in endless reruns on cable TV. Wolf has had an occasional failure, but not enough to talk about. So stay tuned.


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