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CBS should consider having a presidential debate once a week.

Last night’s brawl among potential Democratic presidential candidates scored very nicely for them. CBS was up 93% from last week, and 83% over last year, same week.

It didn’t help that last week’s “NCIS” was one of the lower rated episodes of its run.

But the debate had an average 13 million viewers from 8 to 10 pm. Contrast that with “The Conners” over on ABC, which had just 5.1 million fans.

NBC competed strongly with the debate. “The Voice” had 8.5 million viewers, followed by “This is Us” with over 7 million.

Still, among the debates over all, the South Carolina crush came in a lot lower than last week’s gang bang in Las Vegas, which almost hit 20 million.

How about a series? CBS could spin it off of “NCIS”! But next time, let Murphy Brown be the moderator, please.

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