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Pete Davidson has given a very candid interview that has several shocking revelations.

Talking to Charlamagne tha God, Davidson talks about his self destructive behavior, and is self destructive anyway about his career. Among other things he talks about cutting himself– he cuts his chest, he tells Charlemagne –and started getting tattoos to cover them. “It’s just like a release,” he says. This is very alarming, of course, but Davidson says he’s learned a lot in rehab.

“Does the cutting bring any relief?”

“Oh yeah it’s awesome. It’s not awesome, but the feeling of it after while you’re doing it it feels really great…”

He also talks about “SNL” and leaving, which he probably will now, and almost did last year. Pete says nice things about Lorne Michaels, but otherwise– the cast isn’t going to be happy about his attitude. He should really take a long hard look at Joe Piscopo’s career, and a lot of others who’ve wandered in the woods after leaving “SNL.”

Pete has Crohn’s disease and myriad other illnesses. His father was killed on September 11th. He’s had a tough time. Here’s hoping things get better.

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