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Justin Bieber’s second weekend of “Changes” was a disaster.

Sales from Friday through Sunday night showed a massive drop off from the first week the album was available.

Using numbers from Buzz Angle, the “Changes” album sold only 1,300 CDs and paid downloads from Friday through Sunday. Including streaming, the total was just 20,000 in that time. Last week, Friday through Sunday, had “Changes” selling album 100,000 copies.

The bloom is off the rose. The number 1 album right now is BTS’s “7,” selling 78,000 copies over the weekend, or 4 to 1 over Bieber. There’s no reason to think Bieber is going to do much better by Thursday night when the counting for the week stops. In between BTS and Bieber are Ozzy Osbourne and rapper Roddy Ricch.

How is this affecting Bieber’s concert ticket sales? Negatively is the answer. Stay tuned…

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