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 Jennifer Hudson has just wrapped “Respect,” the biopic of Aretha Franklin. You can tell she’s overcome from the shoot and doesn’t want to let it go. She announced on Instagram she bought herself a Hammond 1968 organ, the kind we hear on so many of Aretha’s classic soul tracks. I have a lot of faith that “Respect” will be a tremendous moment for JHud, and for Aretha. The movie, previously scheduled for released in August, is now on deck for October and Oscar consideration. This spring, we’ll get the Discovery channel mini series about Aretha starring Cynthia Erivo. I know Aretha is enjoying all this attention. Her friends miss her terribly.

Listen to Jennifer sing a little bit of “Think” while they test the organ out in the Chicago showroom.


“My @respectmovie wrap gift to myself is an Hammond 1968 organ . After all the live music , with real musicians . Real singing and real praise in real churches , I couldn’t help but be inspired and fell in love with the organ . This is my “Aretha Franklin” organ . This was the first thing I did after I got home from wrapping on the @respectmovie . To think Hammond organs were originated in my hometown chicago ! It will make it just in time for her birthday March 25th . Thank u @daveshand my md for help picking it out . #hammondorgans #think #church #respect look for @respectmovie out October 9th , 2020″

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