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Justin who?

Korean KPop group BTS has somehow taken over the iTunes charts. All 20 songs from their new album are now lodged at numbers 1 through 20. This is, insane. Maybe it’s “Parasite” fans, who knows?

The top two songs are “On” and another version of “On” with Sia as the featured singer. Justin Bieber’s song, “Intentions” has been knocked down to number 26.

BTS has done this before with iTunes, and it’s always been questioned.  Are their fans gaming the system? So far, none of those songs has turned up on Apple Music’s streaming service, which makes me wonder: who’s exactly listening to this stuff? If it’s not streaming at all, it could mean the fans are just “stuffing the ballot box” as it were, and jamming iTunes with multiple sales.

A lot of money is invested in the success of BTS. We’ll see how long this latest incursion lasts. Real numbers will be available by Sunday.




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