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Yes, Justin Bieber’s “Changes” is number 1 for the week. Hitsdailydouble.com says it sold 212K copies including streaming. Actually, physical sales were slightly higher than streaming.

Miraculously, Justin had a late week sales surge, since his real time numbers through Wednesday suggested total sales of around 140,000. But all of a sudden, around a hundred thousand people more wanted those “Changes.”

Still, “Changes” sales are off around 65 percent from the “Purpose” album in 2015. That album had sales of around 620K including streaming. More than half the audience is gone. And that’s reflected in the slow sales of his tickets.

Is his reign in pop over? I’d say so. With “Changes” he didn’t move the ball forward, just tossed it up in the air. And I say that with the best of Intentions. Get it?

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