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Justin Bieber is having growing pains.

His new album, called “Changes,” is his first since Purpose in November 2015. It’s not taking off quite the same way.

Released this past Friday, “Changes” has sold only 31,000 albums in paid downloads and CDs through Sunday night. Another 50,000 copies are attributed to streaming, bringing the total to 82,000. UPDATE Through Monday, it’s 111K including streaming, 47.5K of that is downloads and CDs.

Those four and a half years took on  a toll on Bieber’s sales. By contrast, “Purpose” sold 667,000 copies, all in, according to Buzz Angle Music. “Changes” will be lucky to hit half that amount this week. Still, it will come in at number 1 this week, just ahead of Tame Impala’s new album.

The meh response to “Changes” isn’t surprising. On the streaming charts, its individual tracks haven’t raised much of a ruckus. The tracks have had a scattershot result so far on Spotify. On Apple Music streaming, Bieber has tracks at 5, 11, and 13– not exactly setting records. But once his tour launches, sales should steady out.

“Changes” has had more social media marketing than any previous Bieber album. The plan includes his multipart “documentary” called “Seasons” on YouTube. On Friday he appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight” show. This week he’s featured on James Corden’s late night show.

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