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Did you miss Roseanne Barr? I know I did. I guess because “The Conners” had such a great ratings week without her, Roseanne gave an interview some guy with a Skype and a mic yesterday. This is what she’s been reduced to after having over 10 million viewers just two years ago. The YouTube show was called “Comfy Sunday” and Roseanne looked comfy and unkempt speaking from her Hawaii home. She smoked during the opening part, but finally went inside sans cigarette because she says her family doesn’t allow it inside.

Roseanne covers a lot of ground in the interview, very free wheeling. She doubles and triples down on her support for Donald Trump. She says, “I think the person he’s going to arrest first is President Obama. “Obama will beg for Kenyan citizenship before this is over.”

Yes, she’s vile, crazy and unapologetic. But unless a house falls on her, Roseanne is not going away. She claims she signed away her rights to “The Conners” because she was assured it would not be renewed. As it turns out, “The Conners” — after a shaky start– is doing just fine. It should last five seasons at least. “What they did to me is unspeakble…They [ABC] hated Trump so bad they had to kill me [the character of Roseanne].”

PS I don’t know the names of these interviewers, but if you do, send them along to showbiz411@gmail.com and I’ll put them in.


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