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UPDATE: Moss may be the unidentified actor #4, leaving by choice. Camila Banus may be number 5.

EARLIER “Days of our Lives” was recently renewed by NBC for another season. But the terms must not have been so great. Three long term actors are leaving the show, and two more are said to be going of their own accord.

Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith, who play a young gay married couple, are out. Smith announced it yesterday on his Twitter account, and more news is coming. Massey was already killed off the show once, then brought back.

Another young actor, Casey Moss, has already announced his exit.

Galen Gering, who’s been with the show for 12 years, is also out. He plays a good guy cop.

I’m told two more actors are leaving of their own accord, although I don’t know which ones yet. Actress Judi Evans, who’s been on and off the show for years, and came from other soaps as well, was written out when the show did a time jump recently.

“Days of our Lives” is already known as the cheapest show on television. It looks cheap. I give credit to the actors who’ve remained — some for hundreds of years — who have to “sell” some crazy stories, and take walks in fake looking parks, etc. The show is still using a house set from its debut in 1965. The furniture looks like it was bought in 1940. It’s not even mid century modern.

The inside joke, of course, is that one day Deidre Hall will just be sitting there talking to herself, acting out all the parts. It will be just her and an hourglass.

Hey look, all these young guys who are leaving should get parts on prime time, they’re at least as good as all the people on procedural police dramas and hospital shows. You’ll see them all again, I’m sure.


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