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It’s been a tough winter for Broadway at the box office. This past weekend’s take was $27.9 million, the lowest since last September, and before that almost exactly a year ago. By President’s Day weekend, the theaters are praying for a surge in customers.

A lot of the big shows are way down because of their relative age.  “The Book of Mormon,” especially, could use a kick in the pants. They’ve missed the $1 million mark for two weeks. Last week they were at $967K.

The Great White Way is waiting for the new “West Side Story,” which has been doing very well in its long non review preview period. But I’ve seen it, and I can tell you, I’m not sure the reviews on February 20th will be so glowing. The Times may like it just to appear hip, but the show is mostly video screens. Once it can be reviewed, “West Side Story” won’t be such a snap to sell to the masses.

All the newer shows have toughed it over the cold, dark days of winter, even the Tina Turner musical. “A Soldier’s Play” and “Jagged Little Pill” have done “alright” but they haven’t stirred the pot. Others like “Grand Horizons” are really struggling. The only real hit is David Byrne’s “American Utopia,” but it closes on Sunday. Byrne must need a rest. But the show could play for months more to sold out houses.


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