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You think the Oscars ratings were bad?

How about the Independent Spirit Awards? They went on live at 5pm Eastern on the IFC Channel. Their lead in was a showing of the movie, “The Intern,” with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. The movie scored 149,000 viewers.

And the Spirit Awards? Nada. Once again, they didn’t make the cut for the top 150 cable shows of the day. The number 150 show was College Basketball at 12:05am earlier that day. That managed to find 133,000 people. The Spirit Awards were somewhere below that. Last year they had 106,000 viewers.

“The Farewell” won the Spirits Best Feature award. The top actor as Adam Sandler, top actress Renee Zellweger. Jennifer Lopez was there, but she lost Best Supporting Actress. Willem Dafoe won Best Supporting Actor for “The Lighthouse.”

The combo of Sandler and JLo didn’t add anything to the ratings. Aubrey Plaza hosted the show. The whole thing is so irrelevant now, I went out to lunch. Remember when John Waters hosted the show? Those were the days. It’s a snore now.

I told you Film Independent paid $5 million in salaries last year. Divide that into around 100,000 viewers.

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